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Breakfast for Those Who Need it

Breakfast for Those Who Need it

Whether donating food, time or money, Kellogg Company and its employees have always sought to brighten futures.

In 1930 our company’s founder, W.K. Kellogg, created the W.K. Kellogg Foundation www.wkkf.org. Each year, the Foundation donates grants and breakfasts to charitable organisations around the world. The Kellogg Company has been able to help the Kellogg Foundation make grants of more than $5.5 billion to projects that fit its mission: to help children succeed.

Today, that history of giving something back lives on at Kellogg’s - through our programmes supporting breakfast clubs in Britain and Africa and food banks. And in 2013 we pledge to do more, by giving away 15 million servings of breakfast and snacks to those in food poverty in the UK.

Breakfast Clubs in the UK

Since 1998, Kellogg’s has helped set up more than a 1,000 breakfast clubs. Today, these clubs serve around two million breakfasts each year to children who need them the most.

What is a Breakfast Club?

A breakfast club is a safe, friendly, relaxed place where children can enjoy breakfast with their teachers and classmates before school. It’s the perfect place to start the day so children get a great start for the day ahead.

Breakfast clubs are proven to help improve children’s behaviour, punctuality and attendance rates at school.

How Kellogg’s Helps

For more than a decade, Kellogg’s has helped schools start a new breakfast club and supported those breakfast clubs which already exist.

  • From Belfast to Norwich and Aberdeen to Plymouth, we’ve set up more than 1,000 breakfast clubs across the UK so far
  • You’ll find our clubs in state funded schools in the most deprived parts of the UK
  • We’re the breakfast club experts – we’ve been working with schools for a long-time so we know, first hand, what it takes to set up and run a breakfast club

How we Can Help You

If you’re thinking of setting up a breakfast club, or want support with your existing breakfast club, then Kellogg’s can help.

For new breakfast clubs – we offer a cash grant and a training workshop to help you kick-off your club

For schools with an existing breakfast club – we offer a cash grant and other support to help your club continue to be a success

Breakfast Clubs in Africa

Since 2010, Kellogg’s has been working with charity Seeds for Africa to set up breakfast clubs in Malawi and Uganda.

We evaluated each pupil’s attendance and punctuality records and their maths, english and science exam results before and after the clubs were set up.

The results are staggering- in the case of the Caring Hearth and Primary School in Kampala in Uganda, average attendance amongst the 30 children who attended breakfast club increased from 64% before the breakfast club to 94% after it was set up.  In terms of exam results marks went up from an average of 47% to 57%.

Food Banks

Food poverty in Britain is growing and for those families who are struggling to make ends meet, Kellogg’s tries to help by supporting community food banks.

Each year we donate food to our partner the Trussell Trust – a network of community food banks for people in need – to help them combat poverty across the Uk.