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Our Environment

Our Environment

As a food company we rely on a plentiful and reliable supply of grains, water and energy. It is in our own interests, the interests of your family, as well as that of the planet to use all resources wisely to help make every day great.


Growing SustainabilityEach day, Kellogg makes great strides toward sustainability. Our Chief Sustainability Officer and our Board of Directors’ Social Responsibility Committee ensure we stay serious about our commitment. They set guidelines for our sourcing activities, including our agricultural ingredients, and set measureable goals for reducing our emissions, water and energy use, and waste.

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Growing Sustainability


Kellogg cares how our ingredients are grown. In the UK, almost all the wheat we use comes from British farms. We work with local growers and millers to support sustainable agriculture practices to bring our best to you.

Thinking Outside the Box

Thinking Outside the BoxThe very first box W.K. Kellogg filled more than 100 years ago was made entirely of recycled material. Today, almost all our cereal boxes are made from 100 percent recycled cartonboard, so we’re making a smaller environmental impact. And you can help: all of our cereal boxes can be recycled, and even our cereal bags can be recycled at many local authority recycling centres and at larger supermarkets, so you can give back, too.

Watching our Water

At Kellogg, we carefully watch our water consumption and recognise the need to use water wisely. That’s because we want to make sure that we’re making a more positive impact on the environment with every drop we save.

Using Less Energy

Using Less EnergyThrough efforts large and small, Kellogg is working to reduce its energy use and greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Whether we’re cutting down energy consumption inside our facilities or finding sustainable ways to transport our ingredients, Kellogg is committed to reducing our carbon footprint a little more each year.

Zeroing in on Waste

We’ve exceeded goal after goal that we’ve set for ourselves, but we won’t be satisfied until Kellogg sends even less waste to landfills.

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Moving Forward

See how we’re lowering our environmental impacts, and the goals we’ve set for ourselves.

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