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Little farmers

Meet our little farmers and get closer to origins of our food.

Kids always want to know, ‘why’

Curiosity helps kids understand the world they live in. Their curiosity extends to the food they eat - where does it come from? And how is it made?

From a survey of 503 parents and their children we found out that children have lost touch with where their food comes from, with 39% having never visited a farm*

From Field to Family

We’re committed to bringing children closer to the origins of their food. So we took a small group of school children to visit a farm in Oxon to meet Kellogg’s Origins Farmer Jamie Orpwood who showed them how seeds transform into their breakfast.


See our Little Farmers in action

Grains of Truth

Check out the rest of our findings below and see the other things we are doing to help kids reconnect with the origins of their food.

Feed their curiosity

We’re also funding a series of teaching aids including lesson plans and a short film, in collaboration with the National Schools Partnership.