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Feb. 23, 2012

Kellogg Delights Consumers With New Products

New offerings from Eggo®, Special K® and delicious and nutritious additions to Kellogg's loved cereal lineup

BATTLE CREEK, Mich., Feb. 23, 2012  /PRNewswire/ --


  • Kellogg introduces nearly 2 dozen new products in the U.S. and expects 15% of 2012 global sales to come from products introduced in previous 3 years.
  • New snacks from Special K include Cheddar and Southwest Ranch cracker chips and granola bars with fiber and protein.
  • Eggo introduces Simply Eggo waffles made without artificial color, flavoring or preservatives and hand-held on-the-go Eggo Wafflers.
  • Kellogg's launches new cinnamon-inspired flavors of Frosted Mini-Wheats Little Bites® and Kellogg's Raisin Bran® plus caramel nut Crunchy Nut.

Kellogg Company is continuing to build momentum with new product innovations by introducing nearly two dozen new U.S. products in early 2012.

"Throughout Kellogg history, our commitment to product innovation has built brands that consumers know and love," said Brad Davidson, president, Kellogg North America. "The introduction of new products in the first half of 2012 continues that legacy and provides delicious options for the whole family."

The new products are found throughout the supermarket.

In the frozen food aisle, Kellogg is introducing several new products, including Simply Eggo waffles made with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. For families seeking an on-the-go breakfast with no syrup required, Eggo is introducing hand-held Eggo Wafflers. In addition, as more and more consumers cut back on meat consumption, MorningStar Farms® introduces veggie Meal Starters™ meatballs, a convenient new option for recipes that call for traditional meatballs.

For Kellogg's® cereal lineup, it is a big year for cinnamon with the addition of Frosted Mini-Wheats Little Bites® Cinnamon Roll cereal and Kellogg's Raisin Bran Cinnamon Almond cereal.  Other new cereals include Crunchy Nut® Caramel Nut and Krave™ — a crispy, multi-grain shell outside with smooth real chocolate inside. Krave is based on a highly successful product in Europe and Mexico.  The brand is a great example of Kellogg Company's strategy of sharing successful products across different geographies.  Crunchy Nut cereal was introduced in the U.S in 2011 after becoming a huge hit in the U.K., and it expands in the U.S. in 2012 with caramel nut flavor.

Kellogg Company's portfolio features new additions to the Special K lineup, including new Cheddar and Southwest Ranch varieties of the extremely popular Special K Cracker Chips. New Special K Granola bars provide consumers with a satisfying snack choice that includes 4 grams each of fiber and protein[1]. Cookie lovers will enjoy new options from Keebler®, including new Jumbo Fudge Sticks Mint cookies and Fudge Stripe Dark Chocolate cookies.

"These products reflect our commitment to invest in the future and our clear insight into the needs of consumers," said Davidson. "New products drive strong growth, and Kellogg anticipates 15 percent of its global sales in 2012 will come from products launched within the previous three years."

Highlights of new Kellogg products in the U.S. includes:


Krave cereal
Krave cereal is a crispy, multi-grain shell outside with smooth real chocolate inside. Available in two flavors — Chocolate and Double Chocolate — Krave is based on a cereal that is already a hit in Europe.

Crunchy Nut Caramel Nut cereal
The newest variety of Crunchy Nut features golden corn flakes drizzled with caramel and topped with real peanuts in every bite. It's a delicious combination of sweetness, nuttiness and crunch.

Frosted Mini-Wheats Little Bites Cinnamon Roll cereal
These eight-layer shredded wheat biscuits are half the size of regular Frosted Mini-Wheats, with a light layer of frosting on one side and a delicious cinnamon sugar blend. Each serving is an excellent source of fiber and is made with 100-percent whole grain.

Kellogg's Raisin Bran Cinnamon Almond cereal
With two scoops of naturally sweet raisins and toasted bran flakes sprinkled with cinnamon and crunchy almond slices, Kellogg's Raisin Bran Cinnamon Almond is a satisfying new option that is low in fat and an excellent source of fiber.


Special K Cracker Chips
Cheddar and South West Ranch are the newest additions to the popular lineup of Special K Cracker Chips. Each of these new chips is light, crispy and perfectly seasoned. And for 110 calories, you can have 27 chips.

Special K Granola bars
Special K Granola bars are made with wholesome rolled oats, cereal flakes and granola. They provide an impressive combination of 4 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber at 110 calories per serving. Available in two varieties: Dark Chocolate and Chocolately Peanut Butter. (Contains 3 grams total fat per serving)

Cheez-it® Mozzarella crackers
The popular Cheez-it crackers lineup continues to expand with the addition of the mild, creamy flavor of 100 percent real Mozzarella cheese.

Keebler Fudge Stripe Dark Chocolate cookies
This new cookie from Keebler is a dark twist on an all-time classic. It is an indulgent dark chocolate cookie dipped drizzled in dark fudge.

Keebler ® Jumbo Fudge Sticks Mint cookies
This new offering from the Keebler elves are made with layers of crispy wafers, creamy mint-flavored filling and famous Keebler fudge.

Keebler Right Bites™ White Fudge Dipped pretzels
These bite-sized pretzels are covered in a sweet white fudge coating for an indulgent sweet and salty taste, all in a convenient 100-calorie pack.

Pop-Tarts® Wild! Fruit Fusion toaster pastries
The newest Pop-Tarts toaster pastry is baked with a real fruit blend of tangy, fruity flavors on the inside, and topped with a fun yellow frosting, orange icing drizzle, and multi-colored sprinkles.

Pop-Tarts® Mini Crisps™ Brown Sugar Cinnamon
These crispy bites of real Pop-Tarts dough with baked-in cinnamon flavor bits and topped with brown sugar cinnamon icing come in a convenient 100-calorie pack.

Carr's® Flat Bread crackers
The latest addition to the Carr's cracker portfolio is restaurant-style flatbreads that are perfect for gourmet toppings and elegant entertaining occasions. Two varieties are available: Salt & Cracked Pepper and Blended Seed.

Frozen Foods

Eggo® Wafflers
Wafflers are tear-apart waffle bars that toast up crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They are designed to be eaten right out of the toaster with no syrup required and come in Brown Sugar Cinnamon Roll and Strawberry Strudel flavors.

Eggo® Protein Original waffles
New Eggo Protein Original waffles are a good source of protein with 8 grams in each two-waffle serving.

Simply Eggo™ waffles
New Simply Eggo waffles are made with no preservatives, artificial flavoring or coloring. They are crispy and fluffy with the taste and texture consumers love.

Eggo® Homestyle Low Fat waffles
These Eggo waffles offer the same great Homestyle taste and texture, but with 50 percent less fat.

Morningstar Farms® Meal Starter® veggie meatballs
Morningstar Farms veggie meatballs provide classic beef flavor, seasoned with garlic, onion and black pepper. They are a smart option for consumers looking to reduce their meat consumption and are an ideal substitute in consumers' favorite recipes.

About Kellogg Company

For more than 100 years, consumers have counted on Kellogg for great-tasting, high-quality and nutritious foods. Kellogg Company, with 2010 sales of more than $12 billion, is the world's leading producer of cereal and a leading producer of convenience foods, including cookies, crackers, toaster pastries, cereal bars, fruit-flavored snacks, frozen waffles and veggie foods. Kellogg Company's beloved brands, which are manufactured in 18 countries and marketed in more than 180 countries, include Kellogg's®, Keebler®, Pop-Tarts®, Eggo®, Cheez-It®, All-Bran®, Mini-Wheats®, Nutri-Grain®, Rice Krispies®, Special K®, Chips Deluxe®, Famous Amos®, Sandies®, Austin®, Club®, Murray®, Kashi®, Bear Naked®, Morningstar Farms®, Gardenburger® and Stretch Island®. For more information on the Kellogg Company, including our corporate responsibility initiatives, visit www.kelloggcompany.com.


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