How do we help?

Sadly, many children don’t get a breakfast and 1 in 7* in Ireland miss out entirely. That’s why we’ve provided millions of breakfasts for those in need. Now when you buy a box, you’re giving a bowl** to someone who might otherwise have gone without.

In this way, we can do something together to help ensure that more children in the UK and Ireland start the day the right way.

Get to know some of the great people that help give a child a breakfast.

Food Banks

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“Kellogg’s has been working with Food Banks for over 30 years.”

Food Banks
Breakfast Clubs

Breakfast Clubs

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“It’s so important for kids to have a healthy breakfast before they come to school.”

Meet Leane

Warehouse Transport Manager

“Breakfast clubs make all the difference.”

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Meet David image

Meet Dave

Food Charity Volunteer

“You get a good feeling when you’re delivering
to kids.”

Meet Tracey

Breakfast Club Assistant

“They come in quite tired, but they leave wide awake and ready
for class.”

Meet Leane video

Kids need breakfast

Sounds obvious right? Yet 1 in 7* children in Ireland go to school without eating breakfast.

Going to school without breakfast has a direct impact on children’s behaviour and concentration in lessons, making it harder for them to reach their full potential***. It also means teachers spend more time dealing with the effects of hunger and less time helping kids learn***.

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Breakfast Clubs really work

Breakfast Clubs really work image

Since 2011 we have been proudly supporting Breakfast Clubs and programmes and have seen what a difference they can make. Now we’re rolling out this campaign so even more people can benefit from our support.

Look out for special ‘Help Give a Child a Breakfast’ branded packs of Kellogg’s cereals or snacks. Every box you buy is a bowl** for someone who might otherwise have gone without.

Working with our charity and Food Bank partners, Barnardos and Crosscare, we will donate packs of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and Kellogg’s Rice Krispies to Breakfast Clubs, Food Banks and community projects all over Ireland and the UK to help someone that needs it.

Because a bowl full of potential is one thing a child needs to reach theirs.

* ROI - Irish Health Behaviour in School aged Children Study (2006)
** 30g serving of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies (excluding milk)
*** A Lost Education - The reality of hunger in the classroom

From box to bowl

A chain of good starts every time you buy a box.

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2014 Terms & Conditions

Get on board and HELP GIVE A CHILD A BREAKFAST. You can help donate breakfasts for children in the UK and Ireland, who may not otherwise get the opportunity to enjoy them.

For every marked pack purchased, Kellogg’s will donate a 30g serving of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies (excluding milk) to children, and families with children, who might otherwise go without.

The donation will be made through one of our specially selected community partners, including school breakfast clubs, food banks and food re-distribution charities.

With your help, under this year’s HELP GIVE A CHILD A BREAKFAST campaign, Kellogg’s aims to donate 32 million servings of cereal.

Kellogg’s aims to make all donations by the end of 2015**.